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House Rules

Here's a list of our house rules. Just a basic guideline of expected behavior while in our humble sanctuary. Wouldn't want ya to be surprised when ya show up.

1: The bartender is always right.

2: We reserve the right to skip your music. (no Nickleback)

3: Don’t be a dick. Respect our house and each other. 

4: No sports! No politics! No religion! (1 warning)

5: No mc cuts/colors/support gear. (No exceptions)

6: Don’t bring anyone here that you wouldn’t trust alone in your home.


7. If you can’t afford to tip, you should've gone to the liquor store.

8: Unclosed tabs will have 20% gratuity added. 

9: We don't come to your house and rearrange the furniture, so ask before moving ours. 

10: No tv or movie spoilers. 2 week grace period. (see 1 & 3)

11: Zero tolerance for hate speech in any form. 


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